June 12, 2011

Tiny chick keychain **free pattern**


Ok, I KNOW i have been away a looooong time, and since I don’t have any excuses, I’m presenting you with a little present:

A free tiny chick keychain:







R1.- Magic Ring, sc 6 (6sc)

R2.- Inc 6 (12sc)

R3.- Inc 6 (18sc)

R4 to R6.- sc even

R7.- dec 6 (12sc)

If you want to use security eyes, this is the time to put them. I put mine between R4 and 5, 4 sc apart.

R8.-dec 6 (6sc)

R9.- sc even

R10.- inc 3 (9sc)

R11.- inc 2 (11sc)

R12 to R14.- sc even

R15.- dec 3 (8 sc)

R16.- dec 6 (5 sc)

Close the remaining hole and weave in the end.

For the beak, start with magic ring as follows:

sc, sc, hdc, hdc, hdc, sc, sc

For the legs and wings, start with magic ring  with 5 sc, and fasten off.

Sew the beak, wings and legs, attach the keychaing thingie, then take a picture of the little creature and send it to me.


Please contact me if you have any questions


DSCN6996                                DSCN7000

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