July 14, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman


There are certain times that I just NEED to make an amigurumi. This was the case. It’s like my fingers itched to make it. So I did.


Besides, I had to do one because I have a custom order for it and I have been putting it off way too long so when inspiration hit I took full advantage!


Here he is:


photo 1

photo 3

April 16, 2012



I had an idea.

It’s not easy for me to find great yarn to make amigurumi with. I usually have to wait until I can get to a Hobby Lobby, the nearest being 4 hours away from home, to buy good acrylic yarn. So I decided to use two strands together from my very much loved “I love this yarn” and I made this for Christmas:



This is about 12” and I made it for my sister’s goddaughter



and this:



this is about 8”; it was for my niece


And now, with this precedent; I give you the first of my JumboCuties!:


JumboCuties! Coneja Bellalleva bordado el nombre del niño que lo adoptaraJumboCuties! Coneja BellaEl detallito del ojo y sus pestañitasJumboCuties! Coneja BellaJumboCuties! Coneja BellaJumboCuties! Coneja BellaJumboCuties! Coneja Bella


I’m hoping to do a whole series, like a lion, a zebra, a dog, an elephant, a bear………….

March 6, 2012



Age: 33.

Bedsize: King. You need a king when all 3 of your girls wanna hang out there. They’re not getting smaller, either.

Chores that you hate: ALL OF THEM.

Dogs:  I have a yellow labrador named Matilda, 10yo. And I just lost my beautiful angel Mafalda, a salt-and-pepper schnauzer last week, she was 5. It still hurts bad.

Essential start to your day:  Sometimes, my husband does this incredible delicious thing where he wakes up a bit earlier, hugs me and lightly rubs my back. I love it.  Or coffee.

Favorite color: Hot Pink.

Gold or Silver:  Silver.

Height: 5.3.

Instruments you play: none.

Job title: Accountant/Administrator.

Kids: 3 girls, 16, 10 & 5. Plus a stepson, 18. I’m way young for this, I am fully aware.

Live: Northern Mexico.

Mother's Name: Alma

Nicknames: not too many, mainly “guera” and “coro” from my hubby (those are in spanish)

Overnight hospital stays: Three times, giving birth to my prinkies

Pet peeves:  I can´t sleep with pants and socks. I don’t like to go out much. Or at all. And also, I’m extremely shy with people, like I’m afraid to say hello; if I see them in a random place and they don´t see me, I don´t say hi unless they do. Its weird I know.

Quote from a movie or tv show: From Harry Potter "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real??"

Right or Lefty:  Right.

Siblings: I have 4 younger sisters

Time you wake up:  I should get up at 6. I wake up at 6.30 then snuggle some more and get up around 7 

Underwear:  mmmmh… clean? haha 

Vegetable you hate:  Peas, when they are from a can. They’re dry and horrible.  

What makes you run late: I guess thinking it’s really not late.

X-Rays You've Had:  When I was a teen I had them on my lower back, and discovered I have a little genetic condition. I´ve also had them for my broken toe in 2010, and a couple for my teeth. I don´t remember any other, but I might have had them. 

Yummy food you make:  Lasagna. 

Zoo Animal:  Monkeys of all kinds

March 1, 2012

Random things I did today


Yeah, why not?

***in no particular order***

1.- missed Mafalda, my late beautiful schnauzer (she just died, and I’m planning to do a full post on it, but not just yet, it hurts so much and I cannot look at her pics)

2.- went to see “The Devil Inside”. good plot, crappy ending.

3.- I should have crocheted the ton of amigurumi I’m supposed to deliver next week (a nativity set, a bride & groom, a Dora the Explorer, a Pucca, etc.)

4.- Open a new secret blog (guess not so secret) for my eyes only. Kind of a dear diary, since I have been struggling with some issues and I feel that it would be good to be able to look back on it

5.-Spent nearly two hours driving around between 2pm and 4pm. Hated it.

January 28, 2012

5 wonderful years!



Today, my youngest prinkie is turning 5. We have planned out a whole weekend of celebration and joy. Today, eating out at a restaurant of her choice, then ice cream, then movies.

(She just told me a moment ago: mommy, I have been waiting for this day ALL of these years!!)

Then tomorrow, her birthday party and all the afternoon playing with her new toys.


I still can’t believe how fast we went from here:


To here:


And in between, a whole lot of laughter, love, happiness, playing, hugs and kisses, songs and soooo much more!!!



Feliz cumpleaños Prinkie!!!!

January 19, 2012

Back to tahitian dance…



Or at least, on my way!


This is a commitment with myself to go back to something that I really love, and that I have been putting off with silly excuses and self-sabotage. But no more.


Polynesian dances, and more precisely tahitian dances makes me happy. I hear the drums and my hips start moving on their own. It connects me with my body like no other exercise can.


So I’m going back Risa


This also marks the beggining of my weight loss journey. I’ll tell you guys all about my  struggle with my weight later on.



Not today though. Today, only happy tahitian thoughts

Dia de la danza 2006

January 7, 2012

My first sock monkey


I had to deliver this sock monkey. They’re not much my style, although I find them weirdly adorable and I particularly like that you can accesorize and personalize them in a lot of ways. This one is plain, though.


The challenge, for me, was that it has a part sewed. I don’t sew, although I would love to learn, and it seems like I’m on the right path, because even when I spent an hour figuring out how to do it, on the first leg alone, the end result was ok.


This are his pics. I followed this tutorial.





Now I’m off to bed, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning! Do you think I lost my mind??

January 4, 2012

Finally home

**You can read part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE**

So a couple of months went by, then things kind of **magically** began to fell in place.

None of my sisters were going to use the house anymore, and my dad was going to sell the old house. At the same house, we were determined to get a new house, we went to see some, but it just wasn’t possible.
Sometime, something just clicked and before you know it, I was asking my dad if he could sell the house to us. It took some convincing to the hubs, and some more to my dad, but finally he agreed.

So we’re back!!!

We moved in Dec 1, 2011. I managed and supervised the whole moving myself, because the hubs was very very busy and if I waited for him I don’t know where we could have done it, and I was in a hurry. So I practically moved us in a weekend. The whole house, furniture and 3 girls, 2 dogs and the million cats (they’re 8 –you read that right- 8 cats. that’s another story)
We have been here one whole month now, and it has been magnificent. Of course, we are not completely settled in, the living room was without seats because we had them carpeted and they delivered almost until Christmas week. I didn’t put my tree and decorations up until that day (normally I like to put them Nov 20th). I still don’t have a table, and we just got the seats.

But it’s home, you know?

It’s one of the best feelings of the world, and I’m still getting used to the idea that yes, I live here. Like new, but familiar and cozy. Like different, but the same. I love it!

January 3, 2012

The new old house, part 2


**You can read part 1 HERE**


Fortunately, my dad gave us a hand and bought this house from us, to use it for my sisters who would be coming to this town to go to school, so I didn’t loose it completely. It wasn’t mine anymore, but it was my dad’s so that was the next best thing. Now that I think about it, I think that was also hard, because I wouldn’t totally let go. Not really.

Anyways, we (my girls and I, I was already separated from my husband at the time) stayed a while at the house with 2 of my sisters. It was a lot of fun, and I got to live with them which I never had, so that was very nice. But in a little while began to feel crowded: my girls and I were together in a (big) bedroom, so I started looking for a place to rent.

So I found a little house and moved my girls and my dogs Matilda & Casilda. I had another labrador at the time, Matilda’s daughter Casilda. A little while later, we bought another little house, that was perfect in a way. It was near to my mom, and it was a relief to finally return to live in our own house. Around that time my husband and I were able to rebuild our relationship.

So we were settled in, and we were fine, but the plan was always to buy a bigger house. We barely fit in there. Later my third baby girl was born, and as they all continue to grow up, the house began to feel somehow inadecuate. I started dreaming with another house, a bigger one where we could entertain and our girls’ friends could come over, that just wasn’t posible on that house, it was too little. So we made a plan.

We bought a land that seemed perfect, hired an architect, and she designed the perfect house to our needs. Not huge, but just big enough. It was perfect, to have a house designed to meet the exact needs and wants of every person in the family, and even the pets.

But once again, we had to change plans. Sell the land for the bussiness and invest the money. It wasn’t the bad horrible situation as had been before, but it was our dreams of a home.

Tomorrow, part 3 (and last!)

January 2, 2012

The new old house


So I had this dream from a long, long time ago. The dream of living in a home, not just a house. Because, sure, we had a roof over our heads which is more than enough, but it just didn’t feel like home.

This story begins about 11 years ago.

We were a young couple with a little girl looking for a house. We found one, that for some reason spoke to me. It certainly wasn’t because it was pretty, which it WASN’T. It was close to my baby girl’s school, and close enough to my school. So we bought it. And we made major remodelation work, hired an architect and all. So finally by the end of the year 2000 it was ready.

I remember the emotion we felt when, coming home from a vacation, we went to see how was the construction going, because it was already delayed. I don´t know why, but I distinctly remember that it was late in the night, like 12am or something, when we got to see it like it was going to be. Sure we saw it before as the construction workers were remodeling it, but it wasn’t the same as to see it with the walls painted and all.

We were in AWE. We didn’t get to pick the colors of the interior walls because of the vacations, so we had to leave it to the architect. It was perfect!!!

I truly, really believed we were going to live in that house forever, that my girls would grow up there and all that. My second child was born in that house (not in the actual house), there’s where we adopted our labrador and I loved it. We had parties, celebrations and barbecues every chance we got.

But we had to sell it. Bussiness got tough, and we practically had no other option than to sell. Besides, at that time things weren’t so great with us as a couple, and we split up. So I had to  leave my house and my husband almost at the same time. It was one of the most difficult times of my live, if not the hardest.

Now, this is not a pity party, it ends happy I promise!!!


Tomorrow, part 2 (this is getting crazy long)

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