April 16, 2012



I had an idea.

It’s not easy for me to find great yarn to make amigurumi with. I usually have to wait until I can get to a Hobby Lobby, the nearest being 4 hours away from home, to buy good acrylic yarn. So I decided to use two strands together from my very much loved “I love this yarn” and I made this for Christmas:



This is about 12” and I made it for my sister’s goddaughter



and this:



this is about 8”; it was for my niece


And now, with this precedent; I give you the first of my JumboCuties!:


JumboCuties! Coneja Bellalleva bordado el nombre del niño que lo adoptaraJumboCuties! Coneja BellaEl detallito del ojo y sus pestañitasJumboCuties! Coneja BellaJumboCuties! Coneja BellaJumboCuties! Coneja BellaJumboCuties! Coneja Bella


I’m hoping to do a whole series, like a lion, a zebra, a dog, an elephant, a bear………….

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