January 3, 2012

The new old house, part 2


**You can read part 1 HERE**


Fortunately, my dad gave us a hand and bought this house from us, to use it for my sisters who would be coming to this town to go to school, so I didn’t loose it completely. It wasn’t mine anymore, but it was my dad’s so that was the next best thing. Now that I think about it, I think that was also hard, because I wouldn’t totally let go. Not really.

Anyways, we (my girls and I, I was already separated from my husband at the time) stayed a while at the house with 2 of my sisters. It was a lot of fun, and I got to live with them which I never had, so that was very nice. But in a little while began to feel crowded: my girls and I were together in a (big) bedroom, so I started looking for a place to rent.

So I found a little house and moved my girls and my dogs Matilda & Casilda. I had another labrador at the time, Matilda’s daughter Casilda. A little while later, we bought another little house, that was perfect in a way. It was near to my mom, and it was a relief to finally return to live in our own house. Around that time my husband and I were able to rebuild our relationship.

So we were settled in, and we were fine, but the plan was always to buy a bigger house. We barely fit in there. Later my third baby girl was born, and as they all continue to grow up, the house began to feel somehow inadecuate. I started dreaming with another house, a bigger one where we could entertain and our girls’ friends could come over, that just wasn’t posible on that house, it was too little. So we made a plan.

We bought a land that seemed perfect, hired an architect, and she designed the perfect house to our needs. Not huge, but just big enough. It was perfect, to have a house designed to meet the exact needs and wants of every person in the family, and even the pets.

But once again, we had to change plans. Sell the land for the bussiness and invest the money. It wasn’t the bad horrible situation as had been before, but it was our dreams of a home.

Tomorrow, part 3 (and last!)

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