March 1, 2012

Random things I did today


Yeah, why not?

***in no particular order***

1.- missed Mafalda, my late beautiful schnauzer (she just died, and I’m planning to do a full post on it, but not just yet, it hurts so much and I cannot look at her pics)

2.- went to see “The Devil Inside”. good plot, crappy ending.

3.- I should have crocheted the ton of amigurumi I’m supposed to deliver next week (a nativity set, a bride & groom, a Dora the Explorer, a Pucca, etc.)

4.- Open a new secret blog (guess not so secret) for my eyes only. Kind of a dear diary, since I have been struggling with some issues and I feel that it would be good to be able to look back on it

5.-Spent nearly two hours driving around between 2pm and 4pm. Hated it.

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