July 26, 2011

Pinterest love

If you are not on Pinterest, you should join!! It is a great place to keep ideas you find on the web organized, or simple eye candy to drool for hours (not that I'd do it! ahem!!!)

Over the weekend I found some very fascinating images that inspired me in a number of ways:

I would love this with my kids on my living room:
Via Heather Bo on Pinterest

I have been obsessed with crochet flowers lately (actually, also felt flowers):
Via Helene Larson on Pinterest

Never something has been more accurate (lol, we're LOUD!)

Via Kelley Crance-Agnew on Pinterest

My inspiration for my Harry Potter goes traveling:

Via Helene Larson on Pinterest

Yummy!!! Carrot cake is my fave!!!

Via Gema Benitez on Pinterest

I am Fucsialidades over there, it's so much fun!!!!

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