August 4, 2011

30 days, 30 photos **Day 4: Favorite color**


Ok, this is a super easy one. If you hadn’t guessed it yet then I would be slightly worried, because it’s pretty obvious.


Let’s see:

1. The name of my blog. I know in english it may not make much sense, but in spanish, it does. So there.

2.- The theme of my blog.

3.- It’s not pink. Nor light pink. It’s hot pink. Or fuchsia, see??

4.- I do know the correct way to spell it, but Fuchsialand seems weird to me. I know, I’m weird like thatRisa

5.- I own quite a few fuchsia-ey things (in my blog that’s a word!) (that right there could have been my pic, too)


Now the pic:

**wait for a moment while I try to find one of the eight hundred million I’ve got**


to dance is to let our hearts speak


This one!!!


This is two of my loves combined: tahitian dance and hot pink. Perfect!!!

I don’t have the source for the pic since I have it since a lot of years ago when one used to download the images you liked. Waaaay before Pinterest.

I go now. Too many words for a photo challenge??

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