August 8, 2011

30 days, 30 photos: **Days 6, 7 & 8 (ups!)**

So this is quickly becoming more of a “upload-whatever-pic-you’ve-got-that-fits-the-description-of-the-day” kinda thing. Sooooooooorry Triste

Day 6: Childhood memory
This is the bathtube where I would bathe as a little girl, in my grandma’s house (which was my house growing up) These are my two little girls.

Day 7: Something new
This is a tough one!!!

How about my newly painted (all by myself, you should know) bedroom wall??

Or how about my brand new kitty, born 2 weeks ago??
(whom, by the way, we already convinced the hubs to keep. Actually, that’s a lie, non of us said a single word, he just loves him. Besides, this kitty is the only other male in the house besides the hubs –one wife, 3 girls, 2 female dogs and a female cat- so yeah, that might have been some kind of a factor)

Day 8: Technology

Ipad. My fave.

I did it!!!

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