August 11, 2011

Dogs are smart


So, I must first tell you, that I am the guardian of a wonderful most-beautiful-dog-ever yellow labrador called Matilda, and of an adorable schnauzer called Mafalda. And a cat and her little kitty. They’re great, too.

I must start by telling you, that Matilda is biiiig. In fact, one day she dragged me down the street like you see in the comics, that’s how strong she is. This is she:


See? I told you she was georgeous. Don’t mind the mess around, this is a little house and there are 9 of us here, dogs and cats included. What?

So anyways, the other night I was getting out of the house to take my sister to the bus central, and she ran away. This is major pain in the behind for me, because as I have stated, she is much stronger than me, and she won’t listen to me. And if I try to leash her and walk her she will drag me through the neighborhood. She will only listen to my husband, who was out on his golf and poker thursday night. So what I have to do when this happens is to go after her, with the leash, in my suv and then manage to get her and then drag her back to the house.

Except, this time around I didn’t know where the leash was. So Triste

My oldest girl went ahead of me to try and keep her at one place, and by the time I got to her, she already had her, so we got Matilda in the trunk of my suv. We got to the house and slowly opened the trunk, only to have her run away. AGAIN.

It was getting really late and my sister had a bus to catch so I ran and did the whole thing again, only this time I didn’t take her to my house, instead I took her with me to take my sister, thinking that I would have to leave her in the trunk so that when the hubs would come home, he would take her down, since when he is around she doesn’t run away. And she listens to him. They love each other. It’s not like I´m jealous or anything.

When we got to the house, I opened the back windows so she can breathe (it doesn’t open the whole window, just a little groove) and left her there thinking I’m some kind of genius to be letting her there. I even took a picture with my Blackberry AND THEN uploaded it to my twitter.

But as I was getting into the house, I had yet another great idea. Why not look for the leash, and then get her out my-own-powerful-self? So I asked the kids to go look for it and then bring it to me so I could get her into the house.

Except, when I opened the gate the first thing I saw, was my trunk door WIDE OPEN, and Matilda sitting there patiently waiting for me to open the gate. She even knew I had to come get her.

How she managed to open the trunk from the inside is beyond me. I tried, and I couldn’t do it. 

Man, she’s so smart.

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