August 14, 2011

Finally, something crafty –kind of--

So, as I’m trying to get a blogging rythm I have been doing mostly non crafty posts, even though I’m not trying to make this exclusively a crafty blog, it feels a little like cheating when I post anything else.
So today I whipped up a fast little project that I had seen on Pinterest days ago. People are so creative.
Organizing your embroidery thread on clothespines. I have actually seen them many times now, I don’t remember when or where I saw it first.
So, I laid out my stash. It’s big, considering I don’t embroider, I just use it for little details on my amigurumi.
DSCN8757 It doesn’t look like much, does it? I have more.
And then, I got out my clothespines I had purchased beforehand, when I first saw this idea. I don’t use them on my clothes.
And we got started.
Easy enough, right??

I haven’t decided where I’m gonna put them, I would love to have them at sight so that I could admire all the beautiful colors.
We’ll see.

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