August 17, 2011

El chavo del 8


I’m sorry for not translating the title, I don’t know how to do that Sonrisa


This is a very loved character that has been around for literally ages, I used to watch this tv show when I was a little girl and it was not new at the time. It is huge in Latin America.

It is a sitcom of a group of people who were neighbors in what here in Mexico we call “vecindad”, which is basically a group of very small houses together that share something like a backyard. It was very very successful for all the years that aired, and now little children know it because there’s an animated series.

So, that’s why I did it, my nephew asked for it!!




Personally, I was saddened for the character because it is of a poor boy who is always hungry and would climb into a barrel to hide, and I thought that this is where he lived! He did not, his creator Roberto Gomez Bolaños has cleared up.



Honestly, I thought it has big cheeks but the eyes, I loved!!!



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