August 18, 2011

My summer

So, as the vacation days are almost over, since my two younger girls start summer on Monday, and the oldest started more than a week ago, I thought I’d share a little of what has been of my summer.
First of, I must start by telling you that I’m a mother of 3 girls, married to something like my high school sweetheart, have a stepson old enough to freak me out (he’s 18 and I barely can believe it) and am the guardian of the two most beautiful dogs in the world, Matilda the yellow labrador and Mafalda the schnauzer. And a cat that thinks she owns us. And recently her kitty. In a very small space for so many of us.
Anyways, besides that, I’m also an accountant and an administrator for a family bussiness, and I’m currently studying to get my accountant degree ( i often do thing backwards, people ).
So there’s the context. More about me over here.
For me, vacations start when the girls get out of school, since I work all year round.  This vacation was pretty outstanding, mostly because my oldest daughter requested as a birthday gift, (back when she turned 15 a few months ago) to go to London and see the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows part 2 in London on premiere day. Of course, practical as I am, I realized it would be far cheaper than the usual XV party that’s accustomed here. So we said yes.

Oh I love that sky!!!
I was only going for her, of course I didn’t mind going, but it was not really my dream to go or anything. But, I have to admit, when we got to Heathrow airport and the officer said “welcome to London” in his perfect british accent, I cried a little happy tear.

I have a lot of pics, and I´m only showing you a few;  we ended up going to Paris, where I met my girlfriend (what!? yes!!) the Eiffel Tower, and to Bruge.





Of course, the trip and locations themselves were great, but the better part of it all, was to share that time with my girl, just us three (her father, she and I). We got to enjoy her at a whole new level. She is HILARIOUS and one of the coolest people I know. I am so honored to be her mother. And so grateful to have shared this with her, I will treasure this trip forever as I’m sure she will too.
And  we also got to parade Harry Potter around and take some very funny pics of him.
So that’s pretty much my summer, with the rest of the time enjoying my other girls as well and being lazy as much as I could.

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