August 21, 2011

Ron Weasley!!!


Finally!!! I was able to get the exact yarn color for Ron Weasley hair, I started him a little more than a month ago as we were returning from that fabulous vacation, and then I got stuck because my quality department (aka my daughter) didn’t like any of my orange yarn, so yesterday I finally found it and was able to make that awesome mane for him.


Truth be told, it was totally worth it. I LOVED the final result, and the hair! This time I did it differently, section by section; altough I wouldn’t use this on dolls that are meant to be played with because if you pull one section up you still can see the “bald” spots, which are still orange, but even so. I always hated it when I was playing with my dolls as a kid and then when I would move them the bald spots appeared. Ugh.


So enough of my babbling. I give you Ron Weasley!!!!!!:














I have the pattern almost ready, I just need to test it (Hello, Hermione!!!) and then I can share it with you guys.


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