September 19, 2011

Holiday sleeping


Or lack thereof.

See, we mexicans had this last friday a holiday, our independence day. Usually, on days like this I catch up on my sleeping. At least my plan was:

Friday.- Sleep, sleep, sleep. Eat. Sleep. Make some amigurumi.

Saturday.- Sleep, sleep, sleep. Go to my dad’s birthday.

Sunday.- Sleep, sleep, sleep. Eat. Sleep some more and a little time to amigurumi.




At first everything was ok, I slept most of Friday morning. But then, I decided I didn’t want to sleep in the afternoon as not to mess up my sleeping schedule. And then, on Saturday, I couldn’t sleep on the morning. My kids were crying, or needing me for something. Or my mom would call me. I have trouble falling asleep specially during the day, so all of this interruptions completely scared my sleep.

So I went to my dad’s birthday not properly rested. And then, I went and stayed up all Saturday night singing karaoke with my sisters, so not only did I not sleep but instead I became more sleep deprived.  Which only made me stressed out because I wasn’t resting what I was supposed to.

Then, on Sunday morning, my hubby woke me up after just 5 hours of very light sleep (I heard his alarm on 5.45am, and then shortly I felt him reading in the iPad, then he was talking to me about breakfast, and so on. I´m a little resentful over this, I tell you) to get breakfast, so I figured I would go eat and then go back to sleep, which didn’t happen.

So yesterday night when we got home, I didn’t go to sleep right away so I would fall asleep early, which also didn´t happen, because I ended up falling asleep at about 1am. To get up at 6am.

So here I am, cranky, sleep-deprived, a little hungry and with a ton of work to do, and feeling like this is a vicious circle that I need to get out of. But, again, I have a plan. And that is, to go to sleep early (that means at 11ish for me) all week long to see if I can improve my above mentioned crankiness.

So wish me luck. Guiño I hope by the end of the week I’m telling you all about how well-rested I feel.

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