September 18, 2011

A wonderful weekend


Yesterday was my dad´s birthday, and we celebrated with a wonderful little party. He lives about an hour away from my town, and even though it´s not that far, I don´t see him as much as I would like, and every time I say to myself that I will change that, but I somehow fail.

But anyways, we had a wonderful party. There was karaoke, tacos, and some other great things:



I LOVED spending time with my sisters. I have 3 sisters from my dad´s side, and we don´t get together much. But when we do, we have a lot of fun!! And yes, we all look very much alike.


las 4


I also loved seeing my brother-in-law and my sisters´ boyfriends in some very wonderful arguments about nothing much. Who has done the most scuba-diving and the like. It was hilarious.



Of course, seeing my dad and celebrating another year of his life, appreciating that he is in my life and that he is my father, remembering what a lucky girl I am to be his daughter. And honored, too.



We stayed until 5.30am singing. At the end, it was only 2 of my sisters (the other one is seven months pregnant, and as my brother-in-law constantly reminded us, had not been for that fact she would have been there too), my brother-in-law, my sister´s boyfriend, my aunt, my uncle and my cousin and her husband, from nearly 90 people that went to the party.



The police showed up. I guess the neighbors were jealous of my armonic voice.



I woke up at 11. Or was waken up by my hubby. I´m somewhat resentful for that. I´m not a good sleeper Triste



We then had a delicious breakfast and just hung out for the rest of the day

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