January 2, 2012

A year in review


Although I try not to get to too crafty on this space, the truth is, if I´m going to make a review post, it has to be crafty and amigurumi related, due mostly to my blogging behavior (or lack thereof) this last year. This occurred to me last night that I was enjoying the various blogs I love to read and they had they reviews. So without further ado, let’s begin, because it’s a long post and I have to go make meals for my family.

In January, I was mostly doing amigurumi and stuff for my kids and my close family, even though I already had the idea of selling my stuff I didn’t make it official just yet, although I did make my Facebook fan page, mostly not to fill up my personal page with 100 pics of amigurumi.

I was also working on my Nick Jonas, even though I finished it in February:



By the way, this Nick Jonas got featured on KnitHacker and that made me sooo happy.

I also made some brooches for my daughter’s friends. I always have this idea on my mind that for every special ocasion and holiday I’ll make fun little gifts like this and I **almost** never do them, so this time I got determined and did it! (that reminds me, I’m already thinking what to do for this year Valentine’s)



After, in March, I set a whole new record and did an ami in just 3 short hours! That felt like I was an amigurumi goddess or something!

DSCN6579DSCN6576 - copia


I also made some IPad cozies (just mine showing)




I also started the Rapunzel doll, an amigurumi I personally thought it was lovely!




Then in May I made another set of princessess:


And in June, I got a little flower obsession!!




Then came Harry Potter traveling through Europe (which reminds me, I haven’t even finished with the Hermione nor have I made Ron his own scarf; if you are wondering about the free pattern I was gonna release, it’s coming, it’s just that I haven’t tested it yet! I’ll take care of that soon(ish))


In fact, I finished Harry on the plane just prior to landing in London!

Then when we got back I made Ron Weasley




In August I made a Chavo del 8 for my nephew; unfortunately he didn’t get to play with him, someone took it I guess because we could never find it after that weekend that I gave it to him, so now I’ll have to make him a whole set for him to play, just don’t tell him because he is one demanding costumer!





Days before, I had made a San Judas for my sister:




I was getting better at this time! No more taking a month for FINISHING an ami (note that I didn’t say actually giving them to their owner)


Then in September, I made a Jazz and a Ballet dancer for my daughter’s teachers, as gifts for the summer festival!



I also made a Virgin Mary that has been the most succesful ami EVER! I have gotten like a 1000 requests of a Virgin Mary, and I have yet many of them to finish. I even got a request of 80 of them for a single person but I couldn’t do them because of lack of time (and hands!)


The original one was for my mother in law, it was a gift from my sister in law




Then, in October, I started to make hats! Lots of fun hats!





lado derecho


Then in November I decided to formally open my virtual store, not that you guys could have noticed on this here blog, since I didn’t post itLlorón


And a few more custom orders:








December was our busiest month, by far! I got requests for over 600 items!! Obviously I couldn’t do them, and I’m still working on many of them, even though I was working most of december many late nights until 3 or 4 am, which has forced me to revisit my approach to my little bussiness. More to come on that.






image (7)

A lot of the latest hats and amis I haven’t even made time to get them to the Store on Facebook or here on the blog (ta-daaaa! you didn’t even know I had it, right? Its in spanish but its mostly pics and the prices, so as always if you want something just leave a comment or email me at fucsialandia@gmail.com), much less blog about them which I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore, so I can focus on current posts to come. And blog a little more often than once a year, perhaps.

So there you have it!!!

I realize I’m coming out of the blue and I am preparing a post telling you guys about us moving to our new home this past December! It’s gonna be exciting!

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